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Designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements

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If you have a dream for an application, we have the devices to transform that vision into a reality. With the experience that we have accumulated as driving Application Improvement from taking a shot at various ventures, we comprehend that each application is unique and merits exceptional and unmistakable consideration. Our group has worked with new companies and undertakings to offer shape to their thoughts and give top to bottom market examination to assist them with pushing ahead, and it is currently an ideal opportunity for our group of application specialists to go to your guide. Our Application Advancement administrations start from prerequisites affirmation to application definition, application structure and pilot run, and from application building and testing to execution/turn out and support. Our developed Quality Administration Framework and IPs make a strong establishment for conveying world class Application Advancement Lifecycle administrations.

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The benefits of our Application Development:

  • Reduce defects up to 30% and speed time to market by up to 40%.
  • We lead every competitor in Application Services innovation maturity.
  • Our Automation with Watson can reduce app management costs up to 40%.

Application Development Services:

Next Generation Application Development

Help manage diverse and complex applications at lower cost and enable rapid response to requests for new functionality and requirements.

Microservices Affinity Assessment

Quickly identify potential applications for micro services adoption. We help to refactor heritage applications so that data and frequently used functions can be extracted using APIs and micro services.

Application Modernization

Continuously modernize your applications to support business agility. We employ proprietary methodologies and tools to assess your application portfolio and identify the best approach for modernization.

Cloud Application Development

We can help you rapidly deliver new customized software, solutions and contextual experiences for the cloud at scale.

Services for Enterprise Applications

We help you get more out of your investments in Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and Workday.

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