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The difference between digital and physical is slowly decreasing with the emergence of newer technology. and increase of computational power. The first phase of digitization was the use of computation by the corporate world for internal purposes, and the second being the use of technology to enhance human experience, providing all the services and much more via screen.  Occupancy of digital screens in front of human eyes is higher than ever before, and all the firms selling products and services are trying to mark their presence on the digital screen.

Augmented reality augments or enhances reality, adding more useful components to what is already present, whereas virtual reality creates a completely new world, giving users a whole new experience of existence. Currently, both AR and VR are used with the help of screens and VR headsets. etc. Currently, both AR and VR are finding more acceptance from the business community due to the benefits they can provide.

How implementation of AR/VR helps businesses ?

  • Delivers a unique customer experience. AR/VR added to mobile application delivery a new and unique experience which can outcompete competitors.
  • Display of additional information on screen projected with the help of AR, helps in better decision using all the available information.
  • Reduces the cost of employee training with training happening in VR.
  • Intelligent computers operating behind the AR/VR can identify the activities around and provide knowledgeable insight of the proceeding.

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